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spider island and some daytrotting

hi friends!

we’re just wrapping up this first leg of summer touring…it’s been a really busy week! we stopped in at the Daytrotter studios which was a total treat. go here for fabulous sessions with a ton of terrific musicians:

we’ll keep you posted about our session when it becomes available!

today we toasted our skin on a pretty lake outside of Nashville. we rented a boat that wouldn’t sink in a tsunami; likely made for old people or nervous Canadians. we had such a pleasant afternoon! swimming, drinking wine, squealing over black spiders the size of silver dollars, chasing girls on jet skis and listening to the smiths…a really fantastic way to spend a day off!

reminder: back to work! tomorrow we’re performing an instore at 2pm at Grimey’s!! come see us!

also! we’re so excited to join our dear pal Dallas at the Molson Amphitheater in Toronto on August 28th! and

tickets still available for that show and for our show in Vancouver on September 24th at the Malkin Bowl! get a pair now!

new online only merchandise update next week! and once again, thank you to our dear dear dear loyal fans who supported and purchased a vinyl box set! your enthusiasm means the world to us!

and finally, to all the people who came out to the VERY special (and long) show we did in Des Moines, Iowa on August 17th…we couldn’t have picked a better audience or city. the “evening with” format and Q+A were a total blast. thank you for all the audience participation, the support and patience and excitement. we didn’t want the night to end!!! more of those shenanigans to come in the near future!

books were a hot topic at the show . a number of you have been bringing us/sending us your favorite reads and we wanted you to know that it is incredibly generous and we appreciate every gift! check out my favorite book website:

and while you’re at it:

have a safe week everyone!