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Yesterday we spent our day off in Quebec City at the Valcartier Vacation Village…

It is a water-park that they turn into a winter wonderland after the season’s first snowfall. The website claims that you can reach speeds of 80 km/h on their tube/raft runs…i believe it. The band and crew, somewhat unprepared for a day at the ski hill, cobbled together what warm clothes they could find. We made quite a scene in our jeans and canvas shoes (i was the only one with snow pants…)

As we were pulled to the top of the hill on inner tubes by a pulley system for our first run of the day, Pet Shop Boys was being piped through the valcartier vacation village hill wide speaker system and i actually wondered if i was about to have the best day of my life.

our first trip down the hill was on their rafting run. all ten of us squeezed into a huge yellow river raft and squealed with delight as we perilously ripped down the hill clutching at one another.

I am not exaggerating when I say that it was one of the most enjoyable days off we’ve ever had on tour. I will say that i was impressed by the casual attitude of the people working at the village. They gave off a very calm energy and that was a good counter energy to the vibrating fear I felt when perched at the top of the terribly steep runs. It was good to consider that over half of the parks patrons were children and they didn’t seem afraid at all. Apparently we are all wusses. Our major impact with the snow wall on the TORNADO run was terrifying and hilarious. Imagining the scene if we had flipped over gave us the giggles all night. Everyone made it out unscathed, save for a few minor sunburns!


three shows to go Canada. We sold record numbers of posters in Ottawa and we hope to sell out of the rest before this tour finishes up in Halifax! we couldn’t be more appreciative of your generosity in helping us raise this money for Haiti relief. for those of you that can’t be there at the shows to help donate, we will have the tour posters up at Maple Music as well later this week, again with all funds going towards our donation to MSF and Partners in Health. OR you can bid on the autographed drumhead right now on eBay. Only two days left in the auction!

also, I’ve promised so many of you a proper book blog, and I intend on posting it this week!!! Do not fret bookworms!