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Our tenth studio album Crybaby is out now! You can stream it, buy it digitally, or go to a record store and pick up a physical copy today! We are so proud of this album and hope that you’ll listen to the whole thing (a million times).

We co-produced the album with the delighted, talented, and hilarious @congletonjohn. We were so lucky to snag @lukereynoldsmusic to play keys and guitars and bass and pumpkins and make us laugh.  Alongside Luke, we had the wildly talented and kind @joeywaronker come in and play drums.  Our last full length of new music came out in 2016.  A lot has changed since then. But one thing that has not changed is that we believe albums should push the listener, that as writers and performers we have to take risks, and anything we put into the world should be 100% ours and come from a place of honesty.  We were so lucky to be surrounded and joined by creators who believe the same!

The songs on Crybaby capture the tumultuous times of the pandemic, the professional trials and tribulations we went through the last few years.  It documents the personal challenges of raising a puppy (Tegan), and the pursuit of becoming a parent (Sara) as well as what happens when you take road dogs like us off the road for three years and give us time to reflect, ponder, fall apart, rebuild and make shit. We went to the edge and we made it back with Crybaby.

We signed a new record deal with @momandpopmusic, an indie label with an amazing roster of alternative artists and have never been happier. We’re so proud, and excited to see this new album finally make its way to your ears in full. Thank you to the incredible team that surrounds us for making this happen. We are very excited about the Crybaby Era!

Lastly, we cannot do what we do without people listening, supporting, and showing up for us. So thanks most of all to YOU. Thank you for investing in T&S all these years. We couldn’t do what we do without you.  Scroll for some images from the last year as we prepared Crybaby for the world!

T&S (Crybabies)