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Gifts at VIP Meet & Greets!

Hello friends!

As we prepare for our time out on the road this spring / summer, we have a few things we’d like to share with you about our VIP Meet and Greets!

We’re constantly impressed by our talented and creative fans and overwhelmed by the generosity we witness at the Meet and Greets. Some of the most thoughtful gifts have come from you, and we’re forever thankful for the love and effort you’ve put into them. Though we truly love the presents, your presence at the concert is gift enough, which is why we’d like to make a few requests / suggestions!

– Bringing us food and drinks is not necessary and often goes to waste, as we have a full rider of food and drinks backstage!

– The stuffed animals (especially the giraffes) are sweet and thoughtful but we usually end up donating them to local second-hand or charity shops.

– We LOVE the fan art and letters. If you have either of these items for us, please bring them without frames!

Again, we want to stress how much we greatly appreciate the thought and love that goes into the gifts. As a rule of thumb, remember that we’re on the road and space is limited! As much as we’d love to take EVERYTHING you give us, we simply don’t have the room.

Our preference is that you come to the show, enjoy the VIP experience, and not feel the need to give us anything. After all, we’re supposed to be your gift!!!

See you soon!