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Superclose Society – Now Accepting New Members!


We’re so thrilled to finally be sharing news about the Superclose Society – an exclusive organization which up until this very moment has been a top secret, highly dramatic association only open to members with exactly the same DNA. The good news is, the Superclose Society is now open and accepting new members!

Learn how to become a member of the Superclose Society at

Become a member of the SCS and join a proud group of individuals who appreciate and create the culture of our band. Stand up and count yourself as one of an inclusive community of brilliant, loving and discerning individuals. Collect, trade, share and cherish the patches, symbols and memories of the SCS. Most of all, join us in our pledge to “always stay super close.”

Each member kit includes: 16 embroidered circle patches, 2 unique SCS patches, a welcome letter from Tegan and Sara, and a membership card. The deluxe kit also comes with a canvas sack printed with an SCS logo pattern, a handmade sash and a t-shirt, all convenient and stylish ways to proclaim your dedication to the SCS.

Get your Superclose Society deluxe or standard member kit exclusively through

We plan to share our photos, stories and adventures with our new fellow SCS members, offer special rewards and contests for show tickets, and create lots of other exciting SCS initiatives in the months to come. We thank you for your support and loyalty through the years, and now hope that you will be excited to join, what has been, up until this very moment, our own exclusive society. Welcome.